DT-40 – Fusing Press Machine

Featured Features

Non-slip tape control system is available, and pneumatic pressing provides better quality bonding.

In our machines, special additional bands are used, so that the taint problem is eliminated in the product worked and the band life is doubled. Bandwidth varies between 40 cm, 60 cm and 80 cm according to the models. Our machines consist of two groups of resistance systems, top and bottom.

Thanks to the electronic thermostat, precise temperature control can be made. Thanks to the rotating silicone scrapers in the presses, the band is cleaned and the pressed fabrics are collected.

Technicial Specifications

  • Resistance Power
    6 Kw
  • Bonding Time
    5-30 seconds
  • Max. Pressure
    0-10 Kg.
  • Max. Temperature
    0 - 200 °C
  • Band Speed
    0 - 10 m / min
  • Voltage
    380V AC 50 Hz
  • Dimensions
    90cm x 90cm x 140cm
  • Weight
    180 Kg.
  • Production Capacity
    70 - 80 Pieces/Min.

Nonvowen Roll Interlining Feeding Unit

It is made of metal material and painted with electrostatic powder paint.  It is completely screwed system and can be transported as unassembled.  Since it is a bearing system, it is not jammed and can easily enter the press.

  • Number of Coils To Be Used:
  • Coil diameter:
    60 cm.
  • Coil Width:
    25 cm. Maximum
  • Loop Control :
  • Dimensions :
    50 cm x 130 cm x 140 cm
  • Weight :
    100 Kg.
Sizing and Cutting Machine

The machine has step motor and electronically control and it can make precise cutting.  There is no need to use air. The cutting width is 10 cm.  The cutting length is maximum 10 meters. It only works automatically with the set length and amount. If the materials run out during the process, it will automatically stop.

  • Cutting Width :
    310 Cm.
  • Cutting Speed:
    80 Pieces Per Minute
  • Cutting Length:
    1-9999 mm
  • Voltage:
    110V / 22V
  • Dimensions :
    56 cm x 42 cm x 41 Cm
  • Weight :
    30 Kg.
Folding Attachment

It is completely made of stainless steel. Being adjustable makes usability easier. The machine works mounted on the table.

  • Dimensions :
    17x30 cm.
  • Weight :
    1 Kg.

Additional information

  • Delivery Date

    Delivery time takes about 1 week.
  • Setup

    It is setup by our company for a certain fee.
  • Guarantee Term

    In the event of a defect in its mechanical parts, it is covered by a 2-year warranty. In case of a defect in the electronics, it is covered by a year warranty.
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  • E-mail
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