DT-4600 / Ultrasonic Surgical Mask Body Machine

Featured Features

  • Production speed of 7200 Surgical masks per hour
  • It performs Surgical Type Mask Production from Nonwoven Fabric.
  • Omron is a domestic machine equipped with auto amination equipment and industrial systems.
  • It has options such as remote monitoring, posture, service, maintenance with mobile phone. (Option)
  • Surgical type masks, consisting of 2 layers of nonwoven and 1 layer of meldblown fabric in total, are obtained automatically by ultrasonic joining (welding).
  • Wire feeding for the nose adjustment to the mask body is done automatically by the mask machine.
  • Our mask machines produce and produce 120 units per minute and provide 7200 units per hour without any problems.
  • It operates in high quality, smoothly, without stoppages and high efficiency.
  • You can start production quickly with our competent technical service, training and commissioning teams.
  • It does not maintain a stance other than the need for cleaning and maintenance for 20 minutes in each shift.
  • The entire control system of the Mask Machine is controlled and adjusted on the touch screen.

Technicial Specifications

  • Required installed power
    6kW - 380V (3 Phase)
  • Total usage area
    12 m²
  • Personnel to work on the machine
    1 person
  • Production capacity
    120Ad / min. (7200 ad / hour)
  • Mask Dimensions
    170mm x 95mm
  • Raw Material Dimensions
    Lower Layer 190mm, Middle Layer 170mm, Upper Layer 170mm
  • Machine Dimensions
    920x1850x1510 mm
  • Machine Weight
    1100 Kg.
  • Production Speed
    78-80 pcs / min.

Additional information

  • Delivery Date

    Delivery time takes about 1 week.

  • Setup

    It is setup by our company for a certain fee.

  • Guarantee Term

    In the event of a defect in its mechanical parts, it is covered by a 2-year warranty. In case of a defect in the electronics, it is covered by a year warranty.