DT-8200 Manual Feeding Ultrasonic Mask Ear Plugging Machine

Featured Features

  • Compact and smart design, small size, space-saving.
  • With high stability and lower error rate, both Turkish and English Imaging, Omron PLC control.
  • Adopt a sturdy and high-performance aluminum alloy structure, which has been carefully manufactured by the CNC machining center, resistant to appearance and rust, water and dust.
  • Taiwan ultrasonic system, high quality photoelectric detection, stable performance, low error rate.
  • Adopt alloy mold, durable and wear-resistant, ear loop welding power is better and adjustable.
  • High degree of automation that can complete all jobs powered by electricity.
  • Stable and smooth operation, bright surface, low maintenance, high quality and great performance, long-lasting durability.
  • Compared to workers, it is a fully automatic job that can greatly reduce the labor force and increase the labor force, and can work continuously without being unemployed.
To complete the mask, the mask is used to continue welding to the earloop on the left and right of the empty body. Place the facemask parts in the conveyor belt box. The elastic at both ends of the face masks are automatically transported and cut. The source is the form and the spot piece equipment ends once.

Technicial Specifications

  • Machine Size
    1650 (L) * 820 (W) * 1800 (H) mm
  • Power
    220Vor380, 1 Phase; 6kW
  • Net Weight
  • Speed
    60 Pieces / Min

Additional information

  • Delivery Date

    Delivery time takes about 1 week.

  • Setup

    It is setup by our company for a certain fee.

  • Guarantee Term

    In the event of a defect in its mechanical parts, it is covered by a 2-year warranty. In case of a defect in the electronics, it is covered by a year warranty.